CoolReader Engine Library

CREngine is an open source E-Book viewer library development project.

It's partially based on CoolReader2 e-book viewer code, but most parts of code are fully rewritten.

The goal is to develop small and fast e-book viewer for mobile devices as well as for desktops. Priority is low memory and CPU resource consumption.

cr3 screenshot


Source code is distributed under the terms of GNU General Public License (GPL).

Latest version is 0.6.7 (September 12, 2008)

Latest sources are available from SOURCEFORGE.NET CVS repository.


Project homepage:

Sample applications are supposed to be compiled using MSVC++ 6.0, cygwin or gcc, but the library itself is designed to be portable and work on most platforms. Sample viewer is currently implementer for Win32 and X.


Following directory structure is used (unpack sources accordingly):

  ./crengine        --
  ./cr3             --
  ./wxWidgets       -- wxWidgets-X.X.tar.gz


Open .dsw files with MSVC6.0 and build them.

For wxWidgets, build Unicode Static Debug and Unicode Static configurations.

Linux and Mac Os X

Configure wxWidgets with following options:

  --enable-unicode=yes --enable-static=yes 


CREngine features

CREngine unicode antialiased bitmap fonts support

Current version of font and text rendering subsystem supports it's own unicode bitmap font format with antialiasing.

Convertor from TTF fonts is included.

Sample FictionBook2 e-book reader: FB2Test

See source code to learn how to use CREngine library.

Not supported features of FB2: images, tables.


You can contact author via e-mail or ICQ 39190840

Alan's AlReader homepage.


CoolReader for LBook V2

First test version of CoolReader for LBook/Jinke V2 is ready.

CRV2 binaries viewer binaries for V2 hardware and simulator.

crengine sources

additional libraries built for V2 (zlib, libjpeg, libpng)

CRV2 sources source code for viewer

Sources of LBook FB2 plugin source code for replacement to read FB2 using V2 bookshelf.

Compiled to read FB2 binaries for simulator and device.
Replace with new from archive, copy crengine dir from archive to /root/crengine (fonts, styles, hyphenation files).
To read FB2 files rename them to .TXT and copy to book.

Latest binaries of V2 plugin.